‘Isabella’ video

Posted on 22/12/2015

from Nathan
A rare beast indeed is an SHS video. This is for the radio edit of Isabella (Keep Riding the road to the sea) from the forthcoming reissue of Uncanny Tales From The Everyday Undergrowth.
A mail out to press and radio has been done for us by the mighty Fruits De Mer label so old favourites like “Mount Palomar”, “Brother Sister” and “Isabella” might float over the airwaves once more. Even if they don’t this album is forever. Buried treasure unearthed yadda yadda etc etc.
As Alan Partridge would put it “Nobody can take that away from you, although nobody was actually suggesting that anybody would try and take it away from you.”


‘Uncanny’ action

Posted on 13/12/2015

'Uncanny Tales from the Everyday Undergrowth' reissue

‘Uncanny Tales from the Everyday Undergrowth’ reissue

from Nathan
At last a bit of action.
After a slight set back that was, ahem, my fault, Uncanny Tales deluxe re-press is now complete and sitting in my house. Copies will be going to press and radio soon.
Details of availability will follow hopefully next weekend.
I have several hundred beautiful looking glitched disc drinks coasters going cheap too. Doh!


Update on ‘Uncanny Tales’

Posted on 28/11/2015

From Nathan

A few things have held up the pressing – long lost artwork having to be recreated etc – but touch wood they will be in Cardiff on Tuesday and off to reviewers week after.

The endlessly supportive Fruits De mer label will then make an announcement about availability roundabout 18th December


New to digital: ‘Whatever Happened to Soft Hearted Scientists’

Posted on 02/11/2015

Whatever Happend to Soft Hearted Scientists

Whatever Happend to Soft Hearted Scientists

The 19-track double CD version of our vinyl compilation album, “Whatever Happened to Soft Hearted Scientists,” is now available.

Spillers Records in Cardiff is one of the very few shops it will be available in.

Otherwise it is only available directly from the band for the stupid price of £8.99 in the UK or £12.99 from outside the UK. Including Postage!

Email here for how to order.


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The return of ‘Uncanny Tales’

Posted on 02/11/2015

The debut album by Soft Hearted Scientists has been sold out and out of print for far too long, existing only in (pull a face Fruits De mer people) digital versions.

So a special anniversary re-press is on the way. But not just a re-press.

A double Compact Disc version featuring the original album in all its critically acclaimed glory, but also an extra disc of all the Home Recordings of the tracks properly mastered and sequenced. The origins of Uncanny Tales if you like.

It will be generally available in late January 2016 directly from the band and in selected record shops.

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