Reviews of ‘The Slow Cyclone’

“Proper Psychedelia from the outer reaches of sense and reason.” — Andy Fyfe, Q magazine

The Slow Cyclone

“…Of all the SHS albums to date, The Slow Cyclone may well be the most complete full album experience; you really must hear all 24 tracks from beginning to end.” — Aural Innovations

“An epic mash up of Syd Barrett, The Byrds, Roy Harper, CS Lewis, Chicory Tip and Philip K Dick.” — Geoff Barton, Classic Rock

“Everybody will enjoy putting this epic psychedelic puzzle together.” —
Shindig magazine

“Charming, Endearing and Beguiling and every time you dip into this disc you will encounter something you missed the first time around.” — A Box of Dreams

“…psych-folk and dreamlike harmony pop songs with strong tunes and an engagingly off-centre atmosphere.” — Bliss Aquamarine

“…Ultimately a record lives and dies by its melodies and they are there in spades.” — The Strange Brew

“…Very very clever and unusual lyrics, stunning harmonies and vocals, together with eclectic psych-pop tunes. A blast from the past and a blast from the future.” — Starship Overflow