‘Shiver Me Timbers’ – new single, new video

Posted on 20/11/2016

Together with “Crystal Coves” this is the new sort of nautically themed in a metaphorical way double A side single taken from the album “Golden Omens”.
The video contains one of the crappiest sea monsters ever committed to celluloid. If you like it please share it.


Sample ‘Golden Omens’

Posted on 07/08/2016


Special pre-order for ‘Golden Omens’

Posted on 30/05/2016

Soft Hearted Scientists present 'Golden Omens'


One hundred copies of brand new double CD album “Golden Omens’ plus free A2 poster is available direct from the band from 1st June. Cost is £12 including postage in the UK; £14 outside UK.

Contact Nathan to place your order. First come first served.

The official release date is 8th July so grab one early.

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Soft Hearted Scientists concert dates

Posted on 01/05/2016

See the Scientists live!

Soft Hearted Scientists live

Saturday July 23rd Folk on the Lawn Festival, Tintern Abbey

Saturday August 6th, 14th Dream of Dr Sardonicus Psychedelic Festival, Cardigan, Wales. Buy tickets

Says Nathan about a recent rehearsal:

“We went through various oldies (well, ‘Slow Cyclone’ songs from 2014 are hardly oldies but a couple of ‘Uncanny Tales’ tracks certainly are) but also worked hard on 3 new songs for the upcoming shows. ‘lant Your Flag,’ ‘Effigies’ and ‘Flowers’ were all showing real promise.

“‘Plant Your Flag’ is Gregorian Chant fast psych pop with a twangy riff I cannot believe I haven’t stolen; ‘Effigies’ refers to cop killer Dale Cregan, Ice Road Truckers and the Horsemeat scandal to a Forever Changes mariachi tune; and ‘Flowers’ is like a secular hymn that “prays” for the resurrection of innocents murdered by psychopathic regimes while simultaneously consigning said regimes to utter annhilation.”

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‘Uncanny Tales’ reissue: CD purchase details

Posted on 01/01/2016

Uncanny Tales re-release
Uncanny Tales From the Everyday Undergrowth reissue 2 x CD special edition – a few copies left of the 100 exclusive special editions.


  1. Uncanny Tales double disc reissue – the second disc is the mastered and sequenced home demos of the studio album
  2. Signed copy of Midnight Mutinies EP
  3. Signed A2 poster for Uncanny Tales
  4. 2 postcards
  5. Plastic A4 wallet with Uncanny Tales sticker
  6. Signed lyric sheet for “Mount Palomar.”

UK buyers: £15 including postage!
Outside UK: £18.99 including postage!

For those who just want the two-disc CD without the extras
UK buyers: £10 including postage
Outside UK: £12.99 including postage

To order: Contact Nathan.